Suppoter for eyebrow pencil

눈썹 그리기 보조용구

  • Inventors: LIM, HEON DEOK
  • Assignees: 임헌덕
  • Publication Date: February 04, 2005
  • Publication Number: KR-20050013364-A


PURPOSE: A supplementary tool for drawing eyebrows is provided to draw eyebrows promptly and beautifully according to the eyebrow drawing guide without messing up make-up around the eyebrows. CONSTITUTION: The supplementary tool, which is made of an elastic resin material, includes a handle(4) and an eyebrow drawing guide(6). The handle(4) has a pressure portion(8) in a predetermined length, which is to be placed on the nose bridge and the middle of the forehead, and a groove in the back. The eyebrow drawing guide(6) in a shape of eyebrow extends from both sides of the upper end of the handle(4), and has a groove(10) in the back, which is pushed by the pressure portion(8).
본 발명은 눈썹을 신속하면서도 아름답게 그리기 위한 보조용구로; 연질의 수지재로 미간에 위치시키게 일정 길이로 형성된 손잡이와, 상기 손잡이의 상단 양측으로 일체로 다양한 눈썹모양을 연장시킨 눈썹그리기 가이드로 형성되어 이루어지는 눈썹 그리기 보조용구를 제공하는 뛰어난 효과가 있다.




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