Product transection system and method thereof using multi function telecommunication terminal

복합단말기를 이용한 상품 거래 시스템 및 방법

  • Inventors: SEO, MOON JONG
  • Assignees: 서문종
  • Publication Date: February 07, 2005
  • Publication Number: KR-20050014901-A


본 발명은 통신단말기를 이용한 상품거래 시스템 및 방법에 관한 것이다.
PURPOSE: A system and a method for transacting goods of a home shopping broadcasting using a multifunction terminal are provided to receive broadcasting data including purchase information, demodulate/output the received broadcasting data, and detect/transmit the purchase information in response to a user's request. CONSTITUTION: A broadcasting station(10) outputs a signal by including the purchase information of the broadcasted goods. The terminal(20) receives the signal output from the broadcasting station, demodulates the purchase information, and transmits the purchase information through a communication network(30) by responding to the purchase request of the user. A shopping mall server(40) is equipped with the purchase information of the broadcasted goods and performs a procedure for the goods purchase by the purchase information received from the terminal through the communication network.




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