Self protection relay

자체 보호용 릴레이


본 발명은 자체 보호용 릴레이에 관한 것으로, 전자력을 발생하기 위해 코아 및 코일로 구성된 전자력 발생부의 출력단에 다이오드를 설치함으로써 후단으로부터의 과전류의 유입을 차단하여 릴레이가 파괴되는 것을 방지할 수 있는 릴레이가 개시된다.
A self protection relay is provided to suppress inflow of over-current from a rear stage and prevent a breakdown of a relay by installing a diode at an output terminal of an electromagnetic force generation unit including a core and a coil. A self protection relay includes a switch part(112), an electromagnetic generation part(114), and a diode(116). The electromagnetic force generation part(114) is formed with a core and a coil in order to generate electromagnetic force and control an operation of the switch part(112). The diode(116) is installed at an output terminal of the electromagnetic force generation part(114) in order to suppress the over-current applied from the electromagnetic force generation unit.




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